Camp 75 is our summer initiative that equips middle and high school students to go out and make an impact in our community. It’s comprised of 3 parts; Bootcamp, Camp 75 Camps, and Summerfest.

Bootcamp: June 18 - June 22nd

Camp 75 & Camp 75 Xtreme: July 10 - July 13th

Summerfest: July 16th

What is Camp 75?

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Bootcamp June 18th - 22nd

Bootcamp is our week long summer camp for 6th-12th grade students that takes place 3 weeks before Camp 75. At Bootcamp our students learn all of the Camp 75 curriculum, skits, games, songs, and how to share the gospel to children in a fun and engaging way. They build skills around public speaking, engaging and leading children in fun and creative ways, leading teams, problem solving, and getting out of their comfort zones, all while growing in their own relationship with Christ, building new relationships and having a blast. Bootcamp ultimately teaches our students that they can have a role in impacting someone else’s life, and that God can use their boldness and willingness to reach un-churched families in Austin. Its being part of something significant, being part of something bigger than themselves that really adds an irresistible element to Bootcamp.

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Camp 75 July 10th - 13th

The primary goal of Camp 75 is to create irresistible and FUN environments in neighborhoods all around Austin, led by students, in order to connect with new families and share the gospel. Teams of 5-8 students lead the 75 minute camps, while the Host Homes’ sole role is to invest and invite. Camp 75 is one of the most effective ways we partner with our church attenders to reach the community they live in, as virtually every age has a significant role available to them. Northpoint attenders can be a part of Camp 75 by hosting a 75 minute camp in their front or back yard for 4 days in the summer. They get tools to invite their neighbors, coworkers and friends to bring their school age children (Pre-K through 5th grade) to their camp. 

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Camp 75 Xtreme July 10th - 13th

Camp 75 Xtreme is similar to Camp 75, but designed specifically for incoming 5th and 6th graders. It's messier, crazier, and tons of fun! Kids will come and experience a large group time where they'll play games and hang out, get to hear a message, and then break into small groups (based on grade and gender) to talk about the message. Camp 75 Xtreme takes place right here at Northpoint from 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm and is so much fun to invite friends and neighbors to! You don't want to miss it! 

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Summerfest July 16th

Summerfest Sunday is our BIG celebration at the end of Camp 75. Summerfest is a big family friendly carnival-esque event that follows our Sunday morning services. We provide lunch, kettle corn, snow cones, inflatables, a petting zoo, carnival games, a train, face painting…anything crazy fun that kids would enjoy! All week long at Camp 75 our students are telling children to bring their families to Northpoint for Summerfest. The hope is that they check out the Northpoint facility and have a great first time experience while they are here. Students get to see their hard work pay off as tons of kids come running in the doors excited to see them, the kids draw their parents, and their parents see an environment and take place in an experience that is very different from their usual expectation for church.

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Get Involved

There are so many different ways you can be involved in Camp 75 this year. One great way to be involved is to be a Host Home or Driver. There are also opportunities for Community Groups & individuals to provide meals or financial assistance. 

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